Dear WONDER FULL LIFE, your center is in a beautiful and quiet place,… you really could not have chosen better. It is beautifully and tastefully furnished. The weekend with Wild Herbs was great, even though it rained a lot for. Honza Vopršal was perfectly prepared (as always). His morning exercise started the day beautifully, even with an explanation of how it all relates. During the screening, we were not able to absorb all the information that Honza rained upon us. We managed a walk in the rain for wild herbs and the next day we could admire his garden, which we had already seen on the screen. Surely we will all begin to improve our gardens and garden better because of his experience and advice. Throughout the stay we could eat very good and tasty food. Thank you for a great weekend with everything I could draw from you. Good luck to you!

Marie Hradilková

Thoroughly recommending WONDER FULL LIFE CENTRUM! It a paradise on earth , amazing house, service, healthy food, nature, atmosphere and energy. We had a fantastic weekend there with our dance ladies and it completely fulfilled our needs and wants and exceeded expectations. The staff are incredibly hospitable, flexible, knowledgable and they have transformed this house into a beautiful retreat. You must go to try.

Andrea Walsh