Shiatsu massage

Are you facing a health problem? Do you hurt in a certain place or in your whole body? Are you sleeping poorly or unable to concentrate? Or…..are you a healthy individual and simply enjoy the pleasure and undeniable health benefits of human touch from time to time?

Then SHIATSU MASSAGE is for you. Your body and soul will surely thank you.

Have you never heard of Shiatsu massage? We will briefly introduce you to what it is and how it works.

Shiatsu is a system of massage techniques originally from Japan. It derives its theoretical and practical roots from  ancient philosophical and healing traditions of the Far East.

The word shiatsu itself means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu uses the acupuncture system with finger pressure, not needles. By applying pressure and physical contact to the energy points and pathways (meridians) located on the body, the circulation of electromagnetic energy (variously called Ki, chi, prana or qi) is balanced.

The goal of shiatsu is to induce and support natural self-healing and well-being by balancing the individual’s energy system. 

Shiatsu can help to eliminate a wide range of physical and mental problems.

Shiatsu massage is deeply relaxing while strengthening and refreshing. Massage is traditionally done on futon, but can also be done on a massage table or even on a chair or wheelchair. No oils or emulsions are used.

You will be massaged by Bob Carr. Bob taught Shiatsu at the Ohio College of Massotherapy in the US, at the Kushi Institutes in Japan, Germany and the US, and in many other countries. 

You can schedule a massage directly from  Bob by calling +420 774 757 212 (English) or mail

Price for 1 hour of massage is 1000 CZK.

In case you cannot come to us, it is possible to arrange for Bob to come to you. The price is then increased by travel expenses (8 CZK per 1 km).