Idylka v přírodě pro Váš osobní rozvoj

We are well aware that a person's physical nutrition, i.e what he eats, is personal and controversial. What suits one does not suit another. Information is often contradictory and difficult to navigate. At the centre, we prepare a diet that combines our personal, practical experience  with current expertise.

It could be described as follows

  • Plant-based origin (however, we consider the work of the lecturer, we offer the possibility of adjusting the menu according to the needs of the seminar by including some food of animal origin)

  • Varied and nutritious (colors, tastes, combinations, variety)

  • High-quality raw materials (depending on the season and availability, we use foods from  our gardens or local farmers). We use mostly organic ingredients with less chemicals, less additives.

  • Tasty (satisfies your taste buds)

  • Wild herbs and so-called superfoods (for strength, vitality and valuable nutrients)

  • We do not use refined sugar

  • We consider food intolerances (e.g. gluten-free diet)