*************BASIC TANTRA MASSAGE COURSE********

with Kaira Iva Sayah

January 25-28, 2024

A basic course of tantra massage for women, men, couples and individuals. For all those who want to fully experience themselves in the body, but also in connection with all other levels of their being, to take care of themselves, to get their energy (and therefore life) flowing within themselves, to get to know themselves more and to grasp another dimension of their sexuality.

Where: Wonder Full Life Centrum, Horní 57, Teplice nad Metují 5 4957

When: January 25-28, 2024

Price: 12.000 CZK/person
CZK 10,000/person until November 30, 2023 (application + advance payment)

CZK 11,000/person until December 31, 2023 (application + advance payment)

DEPOSIT5.000,-CZK send to account number: 2100206849/2010

The price includes:

– accommodation for 3 nights in two (4 rooms for couples) up to five bed rooms,– all-day macrobiotic vegan diet without white flour, gluten-free version is also possible,– 2 sauna ceremonies,– use of the facilities of the Wonder Full Life Centre
– massage aids, oils, disinfection, etc. for use during the course

More about Kaira Ivo Sayah: https://masazetantra.com/o-mne/danit – lecturing services, know-how, techniques and skills gained from more than ten years experience.

To register:  https://forms.gle/pPP7RTFhsaVkMcaR7

No later than a week before the start of the event, I will send an e-mail to all registered participants with details (travel, carpooling, what to bring,…) or fine-tune dietary specifics, etc. It is also possible to buy the course in the form of a gift voucher.

We will focus on the general concept of tantric practice with its use for everyday life, improving the quality of one’s own experience or deepening partner coexistence. You will learn conscious touch and active acceptance. I will show you the sensitive places on the body of a man and a woman and ways to approach them. We will breathe a lot together and energize the body. You will find out how to do the Big Pull (internal orgasm) and, above all, you will learn how to perform tantra well.
The course will take place mainly in a demonstration and experiential form. A safe environment will be provided where everyone’s individual boundaries will be respected.

So the level of nudity is entirely up to you. You can be dressed for the entire course. But you don’t have to.
The program will be adapted to the composition and mood of the group.
The maximum capacity is 20 participants, so we can create an intimate atmosphere with an individual approach.

What is TANTRA massage?

Tantra massage is primarily an approach to a person and his body. It is a celebration and tribute to our amazing and unique body as a tireless tool to experience ourselves. Every man and woman is a unique being – a manifestation of the god Shiva and the goddess Shakti. Forget all your imaginary flaws, by crossing My Threshold you become perfect just as you are.

Tantra looks at the body as a whole, it does not choose only some of its parts (e.g. the back, as is customary in many massages) and at the same time realizes that the body is not just an empty vessel. Through touch and the feelings it evokes, the soul is also pampered. It’s so natural – as small children, we felt most blissful in our mother’s arms, and her touches soothed and soothed us from birth. Daily rituals of bathing and subsequent massage with baby oil had a beneficial effect on our mental state and perception of ourselves. Any pain was soon dissolved under the hands of a loving person. The need for loving touch in body and soul remains even in adulthood. It’s just that we may not be so aware of it. Today’s fast-paced, performance-oriented times can easily distract attention from such intangible and immeasurable things as one’s own inner self, feelings, or self-experience.

Tantra massage can help you replenish these needs or at least begin to uncover them and acknowledge their place in your life. It is a full-body massage, both physical (attention is paid to every part of the body during the massage) and energetic, when the energy in all seven chakras gradually moves. The time of complete relaxation and rest is coming, when all the problems and stresses float away and only you and your SELF remain in the captivating tones of music and the sensual touches of my hands. It is a time when there is no hurry, time disappears and you can surrender to My Care with confidence. The massage is conducted in such a way that you will have enough time to smoothly return to reality and you do not have to worry about time at all, because you do not have to worry about anything at all, just enjoy your BEING.

There are a number of tantric techniques, but I personally base my work primarily on my own intuition and “perception” of the client. What is pleasant to one person, even if it is in complete accordance with a recognized technique, may not be pleasant to another at the moment. Therefore, it is very important not to be afraid to show your feelings during the whole massage. I don’t want clients to bother with this and think too much (because the mind unnecessarily distracts from the experience itself), I just want to create a safe space of trust where they can say YES to everything that comes. Tantra simply lets things flow and opens the door to new experiences in the feeling of full acceptance.