Shiatsu is basically acupressure massage.

Shiatsu uses the same system of energy channels (meridians) and points as acupuncture, but it stimulates and regulates the flow of energy (called KI or Chi) with finger pressure, not needles.

Shiatsu has been done at home and professionally for thousands of years and it has proven effectiveness for relaxation, boosting immune function and various healing effects. In general, it is very pleasurable. We offer both classes and individual sessions/treatments.

Classes in shiatsu massage are posted in the classes page.

For individual treatment/sessions, contact Bob Carr at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel. +420  774757212 One hour session is 1000 Kč.

If you would like classes in your location, contact Bob at the above number. Certification is available.

Bob has given shiatsu instruction at the Ohio College of Massotherapy (USA) and Kushi Institutes of Japan, Germany and  USA, as well as many international venues.




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