Spiritual Practices


There’s theory…instruction, explanation, ways and how to do it ….and then there is practice. All the theory in the world doesn’t get you much further along the spiral path of life and development….practice does.

Some essential areas for you:

Meditation (principle approaches from East and West)

Sound/Chanting (traditional chants and understanding of spirit of word)

Chakras (methods to enhance, activate, unblock, attune)

Food for Spiritual Growth (quantity or fasting, semi-fasting, chewing, selection and preparation methods)

Spiritual Healing Methods (prayer and image healing, palm healing, healing with sound, distance healing, group energy healing methods, energizing living water, acupuncture meridians)

Shiatsu (for spiritual growth, pleasure, relaxation, sensual enjoyment, tantra)

Yoga and Pilates

Consciousness and its development

Any of these practices can be done at our center during classes, events, retreats….or they can be done at your event/location.

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