Bob Carr

longtime proponent of the macrobiotic lifestyle.

Born in 1945. At age 24 he significantly changed his lifestyle. He changed from meat, cheeses, eggs and sugar and alcohol to organic grains, beans and vegetables as main food. He changed from being initially critical and resistant to natural foods to embracing their benefits to him and mankind.  Macrobiotics  changed his life practically, physically, emotionally  and spiritually. As a consultant, he has seen many, many people improve their health, even from progressed, serious degenerative disorders.

After studying with leading macrobiotic teachers, Michio and Aveline Kushi, Herman and Cornelia Aihara, Lima Ohsawa, Naburo Muramoto, Madam Riviera, Masanobu Fukuoka  and others, Bob started the Cleveland Tofu Company and founded the East West Center of Cleveland. He taught shiatsu and Oriental Medicine at the Ohio College of  Masotherapy, became a director of the Kushi Instutute of Germany, taught shiatsu at the Kushi Institute of Japan and Level  III cooking at the Kushi Institute at Becket, Massachusetts. He has been guest lecturer and sometimes head chef at the French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp in California and taught at several Kushi summer Conferences in the USA, as well as lectured and counselled on the Holistic Holiday at Sea Caribbean cruises.  He spent five years in Germany, being active with the Munich Macrobiotic Association, having organized macrobiotic holiday weeklong events for the group in the Austrian Alps.

He has written extensively in macrobiotic journals in the USA (East West Journal), Germany (Dass Grosse Leben) and the Czech Republic (Zrnění), as well as having written a book, The Energy of Food, available only in Czech.

After years of focusing on the health and healing aspect of applied macrobiotics, currently his attention is on the Wonder Full Life Centrum, natural cutting edge agriculture and spiritual practices.

Bob is available for consultation, giving lectures/presentations on macrobiotics, ancient/oriental medicine, shiatsu and spiritual practices. Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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