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Macrobiotic Education, Consultation Service with Bob Carr, Cooking Classes, Organic, Biodynamic and Permaculture Agriculture, Shiatsu Massage, Relax Weekends, Spiritual Practices, Healthy Food, Natural Food Seminars, Transformative Limbic Imprint seminars, Women’s Circles, Wild Food identification,

Macrobiotic Education/Seminars (see more)

Cooking Classes,  Health and Healing classes, Shiatsu Massage and Workshops, Natural Agriculture,  Wild Food Identification, Oriental Diagnosis and Medicine,  , DO-IN Exercises, Meditation, Healing with Food, Healing with Sound, Limbic Imprint, Spiritual Practices

Consultation Service ( see more ) and Shiatsu Massage: (see more)   with Bob Carr

  Consultation includes macrobiotic/oriental diagnosis, complete macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle advice, recommended home treatments and follow up as needed. Can be in person, via e-mail or Skype.

Shiatsu session can be booked  by appointment  

Agriculture  ( See more) Organic farming and gardens, Biodynamic Agriculture  ( from Rudolf Steiner…Germany), Natural “No Work” Agriculture

(from Masanabu Fukuoka, Japanese method), Permaculture gardening (from Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Australia), Natural Specific Healing Agriculture (from Vladimir Megre’s book Anastasia …originated in Russia).


Dining room for 30 or more people; lecture hall with complete video/audio system; 5 rooms (with natural and comfortable bedding) ;  modern professional kitchen;   sauna; children’s playground; spectacular surroundings ( Adrspach, Teplice Skaly, Broumov) for hiking. We can accommodate groups of ten to twenty people. At present, we are not a bed and breakfast for smaller numbers of people.

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Bob Carr  Experienced macrobiotic teacher and consultant. As Director of Kushi Institute, East West Center of Cleveland  and Macrobiotic Center of Munich, he has organized macrobiotic summer camps, seminars,  classes and events for over 40 years, covering the full range of macrobiotic practices….cooking, health topics, healing, oriental diagnosis, shiatsu, spiritual practices to name a few. He is author of  The Energy of Food (in Czech language only), longtime editor of The MacroNewsLetter (English only) and contributor to Macrobiotic periodicals, like Das Grosse Leben (German), East West Journal (USA)and Zrnění (Czech republic). See his  macrobiotic Curriculum Vitae.


We are

People, a Center, a Home, a slice of Nature

New ways of doing things

Tried and true methods of agriculture, as well as cutting edge methods of growing food

A place to learn, to play, to rest, to charge your battery, to eat good food, to dance, to practice your English, to inspire yourself..... or do nothing at all.

We are located in Teplice nad Metují (North-East Bohemia) within a stones throw of the magnificent Rocks of Teplice and Rocks of Adršpach. The area is well-known for its great quality water and its unique cultural heritage, which especially comprises religious and folk architecture. The whole area is protected and is part of Landscape Protection Area (Czech CHKO) Broumovsko.

The centre was finished in Fall, 2015 after a large scale reconstruction of an old, dilapidated farm house. We used as many natural materials as we could, retaining comfort by combining natural with hi tech and beauty. It has clay walls, oak wood floors, solid pine and oak furniture. You sleep on natural latex mattresses and cotton sheets.

Fifteen people can be accommodated in five rooms. Three modern bathrooms are situated in the hallway. The lecture hall/gym is complete with mirrors, a data projector, automatic screen, hi-tech sound system and wireless mics. The dining hall/gathering room contains a fairy tale fireplace and piano. The professional kitchen is fully-equipped and is a dream for anyone who likes to cook. And the sauna … Winter can be long here… it just feels so great to throw your hot body in the fresh snow!

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